Hospice CareWhat is Animal Hospice?

The focus of pet hospice is end-of-life care for clients and patients who accept that death is inevitable and have decided to forgo further diagnostics and invasive procedures. Our main goal is to teach you how to care for your four-legged family member at home and ensure that adequate pain control and comfort is achieved. Quality of life is much more valuable than quantity at this point in your companion’s life and we are here to make sure that the last days are as comfortable as possible.

At our initial hospice consultation, we will provide:

  • A gentle, but comprehensive medical examination with special attention given to areas of pain or discomfort
  • Discussion of your main goals of treatment
  • Discussion of quality of life and how to know when quality is no longer present
  • We will come up with guidelines together on when euthanasia is appropriate in your particular situation
  • An overall environmental assessment of conditions in your home and provide you with suggestions to improve accessibility for your pet.
  • Assessment of current medications, including discussion of side effects, possible changes we could make that may improve quality of life, and researching medications for possible interactions.
  • Dietary management and suggestions on keeping your furry family member as healthy as possible through a whole body and lifestyle approach.
  • An after hours phone number for Dr. Kimberly in case of an emergency outside of normal business hours.

The initial hospice evaluation generally lasts about 2 hours and the cost is $300 plus tax. Additional hospice examinations and evaluations are $150 plus tax. In the event that same day euthanasia is elected during the initial hospice evaluation, the cost of the appointment will be applied directly to the euthanasia charge.

Call us for a free phone consultation at 505-206-4477 to see if hospice services will work for you!